Neti's csárdás

KalotaszegCsárdásSzaporaFeltöltötte: HollandMihaly, 2007. december 15.

Kalotaszentkirály 2001, 31 july.
Sándor 'Neti' Fodor is playing his csárdás for the dancers who came to the Kalotaszegi danc- and music camp in 2001.

The other musicians are:

Sándor Fodor jr. (his son), violin
Rudi Tóni, kontra
Robi Mayer, double-bass. 

In 2001 I filmed Neti with his permission. Now he is no more among us. He passed away in 2004, October 20, but thanks to his music he stays in our minds for ever.
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